How Companies are Utilising the Mobile Market

The popularity of the internet has revolutionised the way that businesses interact with their customers. Because of the mobility afforded by technology such as smart phones, companies are able to stay in touch with the latest trends and tailor themselves to their customers’ needs.

A large part of this is technological revolution due to the emergence of mobile apps. Apps are characterised by their small file size, ease of use and easy accessibility. If you open any of the major app stores you will find an overwhelming variety of apps offering a variety of services ranging from entertainment to lifestyle advice and shopping.

Apps have come a long way since they first came out. Looking back at the games available in the app store, they used to be rather simple affairs with unimpressive graphics that would not hold your attention for long. Nowadays mobile games offer both spectacular physics and graphics that rival the visuals of console games. Increased connectivity means that you can use games to easily engage with over people over the internet.

People are relying more and more on their phones and tablets to access services such as online shopping and even banking. It makes sense when you hear that around 15 percent of phone users shop online using their phones. Stores on the street even make use of barcodes that you can scan in order to be taken to their prospective website. And using your phone to make bank transfers certainly beats waiting in queues at your local branch. Other companies have also been catching on to using mobile technology as a platform for their business.

If you look at the newspaper market, most of the major papers now have apps which offer constantly updated news in return for a subscription fee. Social media has definitely contributed to the prevalence of mobile technology. People want to be able to access sites like Facebook whenever they want, and nowadays someone can instantly break a news story to thousands of people from their phone via the medium of Twitter.

Online market research companies such as Decision Fuel utilise mobile technology because of its unique versatility as a platform for market research. Being able to fill out surveys on your phone is an infinitely more comfortable experience than being stopped on the street or interviewed over the phone.

Applications such as Mixpanel mean that you can choose to take part in surveys that actually matter to you, and they allow you the freedom to fill in surveys whenever you want, such as during downtime on the bus home rather than when you’re busy. Admittedly, it is a bit strange that all these companies are constantly within our proximity at any given moment but with life made so much easier who’s arguing?

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