Good Times for the Indian Entertainment Surfer

The music and movie scene of the past
Not too long ago the only choices available to movie or music lovers online was either pirated music or purchase at abnormally high prices. The music and movie production and distribution companies understood little about how the internet worked, and their choices were limited to litigation or criminal penalty for piracy. Both didn’t work. Fear is never a good motivator, while at times it may get little results but it never gets the complete solution. Internet is about freedom and make a fair offer to the surfer and it works in favor of all.

The Music and Movie scene Now
That is exactly what worked for the Indian music and movie industry. Hybrid revenue models combined with entrepreneurial zeal combined with a mass of consumers living on Indian music and movie and the formula just works.

Take for instance sites like,, where you can listen to music free of cost.

For the listener the music is free of cost. The websites earns through advertising and revenue sharing with internet service providers, who in turn earn through the bandwidth consumed by listeners. The website buys content from the content provider. Take for instance the case of the industry leader It has a tie-up with more than 200 content providers which include the erstwhile complaining industry leaders ailing from music piracy, like T-series, Sony, Yash Raj Music and more now earning revenue from websites serving their music.

Piracy killer
For the music industry the biggest threat has been music piracy. For the consumer even now the music is free, though now its legal, yet the platform it is being served from ensures the industry earns, the website earns too and the music is free for all.

Mobile music
Sites like and have great mobile apps which ensure availabity of your music anytime anywhere, all you need is an internet connection. So get an unlimited internet connected and enjoy free legal music anytime anywhere.

Paid Songs
Finally Apple realized there is a country called India and Indians do listen to music. Two weeks ago Apple launched iTunes India store. Rs. 12 for a song and Rs.15 for a movie. If that is high you could try where songs are priced as low as Rs.5

Goodies for Movie Buffs has given a fresh lease of life to films which could only be found in some dusty old video library. From a movie as obscure as “Kasam paide karna wale ki” (even this movie has 71,766 viewers!) to great oldies like “Maalamaal” to the latest 2012 releases such a “Jodi Breakers” has good news and money for the content providers, more revenues for Google through advertising and free movies for the viewer. Everyone is benefiting.

The Paid Segment
Websites like and have got monthly subsciption levels to a new low. For Rs.249 per month gives access to over 2000 films in its library.

The Last Word
The entertainment industry is coming of age in India. What will be new in 2013? Could there be a model where music listeners or viewers get paid or compensated directly or indirectly to listen to a song or watch a movie. Maybe 2013 is too early but on the internet the possibilities are never limited. The way music and movies are being served now proves the point.

Puneet Mehrotra writes on business and technology.

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