Events: Glaucoma Walk

Fortis Memorial Research Institute in association with Glaucoma Society of India hosted ‘Glaucoma Walk’ to spread awareness about Glaucoma, an eye disease causing gradual loss of sight. The awareness walk was organised on the occasion of World Glaucoma Week. The three km walk started from Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Sector 44, Gurgaon.

The Glaucoma walk was hosted to bring together people from all age group to walk for a worthwhile cause. Through this walkathon, Fortis educated people on how Glaucoma can be a debilitating disorder if not managed effectively.

Regular eye examination by an ophthalmologist can detect the eye condition & prevent further damage.Let`s wake up and join our hands together to fight against glaucoma.

Blindness from glaucoma is irreversible. Early detection is the key to preserving vision.

People are not very aware about this disorder so to prevent it before they know about this disease, the walk was initiated.

Time of the walk – 7:30 am
Date : March 10, 2013

The walk will be followed by free eye test and Glaucoma test.

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